What are the world borders?
Vanilla. (60 000 000 x 60 000 000)
What are the Mob Caps?
Generally try to spread out your farms as these values might change depending on the server load. The following values are for spawning and as a 3x3 chunk cap:
  • Animals: 25
  • Mobs: 30
  • Villagers: 60
Are there any Entity Caps?
Similar to mob caps, any type of entity or red-stone is capped per 3x3 chunk area. This is to avoid any overly laggy contraption or build.
What is the view/rendering-distance?
  • View: 8
  • Simulation: 6
  • Mob: 5
What are the despawn ranges?
  • Soft: 32
  • Hard: 80
Can I break bedrock?
Unfortunately this is disabled for now together with the ability of breaking end-portal frames.
Are non-vanilla Clients allowed?
Hacked Clients or Bots (including Baritone) are not allowed. Litematica is fine as long as it does not do the block placement.
Is duping allowed?
NO. Except for TNT, Rails and Carpet - but not via hacked clients.
Are lag machines allowed?
Ban-able forever. This includes building update suppressors.
I am having connection issues!
Try using as your resolver.
How often does the server restart?
There is a maintenance window daily around noon (UTC) where we take care of updates, backups and restarts.